Case Reports; at work and in professions

I have seen narcissists come out of the wood work at work and in medicine and in the law. I would guess there are as many in these professions as in the general population, maybe more. Psychiatry is probably the nirvana for narcissists. Narcissists like to compete for admiration, in these professions it is built in.

1. I overheard a doctor talking to another doctor over the phone. One of them said,"Hi Jesus, how are you?" The other replied, "And how are you, God?" In jest of course, but then I was in a lecture for new medical students and the lecturer told the class that they were the chosen ones, superior to other human beings. I have watched normal people enter medical school and leave completely transformed into uncaring human beings. Some of them can resist, even after ridiculous hours of over time, much like the training the military gives soldiers to break down the normal human emotions to turn normal people into killing machines; medical students are brainwashed by sleep deprivation. When you give anyone power, the temptation to abuse that power is always there. There are narcissists who go into medicine to wield that power, just as the police force attracts a certain type of person. These are professions that attract people who want to control others.

2. Lawyers are also apt to feel and act powerful and sometimes they think they are above the law. They often go on into politics. They understand that appearances count, how they dress, what restaurants they go to, their offices etc. Narcissism is always lurking in the Law. How many badly dressed lawyers do you know? How many tell the truth?

3. Work place narcissists are a dime a dozen. They can be at the top most level or just a gate keeper, someone who has a small kingdom. Read: Dinosaur Brains; Dealing with All those impossible People at Work
Dr. Albert J. Bernstein and Sydney Craft Rozen Ballentine Books 1989

4. During the SARS outbreak in Toronto, the news papers reported that a high level health official who had refused to be quaranteened even though he was suspected of being at risk of infecting others; hubris indeed. Many diseases in hospitals are transmitted from patient to patient via doctors who refuse or forget to wash their hands.

5.I knew a narcissist lawyer, now deceased, who was the slimiest sexual predator you could imagine,yet he was charming and wowed the ladies with his "personality". Years after his death, I talked to a woman who had been assaulted by this scum bag when she was a young girl. This guy had a sexual problem, his need to feed on women manifested itself through sex, and he was successful; either because the women were innocent, stupid or wanted it. The smart ones avoid such scum bags, but sometimes women are so lonely and messed up mentally, they run towards these guys. As my mother used to say, it takes two to tango. There may be reasons that women do this. Go here