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Narcissistic Personality Symptoms

  1. grandiosity / exaggeration
  2. fantastic thinking / romantic
  3. believes special / unique
  4. requires admiration
  5. entitled / demanding
  6. exploitive / manipulative
  7. lacks empathy
  8. envious / jealous
  9. arrogant / haughty

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Nov 2008

MySpace, Face book and Blogs are the perfect place to research narcissism. Published on the internet for all to see and read, Blogs are meant to be looked at and commented on. They exist in a public forum unlike private email. I am continually surprised at what I find on the internet - people write and show the most intimate photos and videos of themselves. The narcissist feels they can do whatever they want - they call it freedom of expression - yet they will be the first ones to censor others, they reserve the right to tell others what to do and not do. This double standard embodies the narcissist's deformation of reality. An example is a politician saying something happened, and then a youtube video showing the contrary.

Read: Andrew Keen – The cult of the amateur

or watch youtube Charles Leadbeater lecture: The rise of the amateur professional

Dec 8, 2008

This past year I have been dealing with Narcissists. Hard to get away from them. And then what I had predicted happened! Wall street crashed, and a financial melt down was brought on by selfish and egotistical narcissists. Or is that too easy an explanation?

February 2008

I visited my old teacher who was at death's door, and a couple arrived. They said they didn't want to tire him out, and offered to go out to get food for him. But 6 hours later, the woman was still talking about herself, or trying to get my teacher to tell her how great she is. A narcissist? Looked like a duck, walked like a duck and talked like one, so my guess is that she was one. When my teacher needed help to go to the loo, the couple fled, not wanting to help. Oh, I brought some food and tried to get rid of them, but I was accused of being 'rude'. You can't win with them, so you have to laugh at them. Meanwhile they were saying rude things about me to my face and behind my back - typical. Narcissists are attracted to important people and events; always looking for sources to feed their egos.

Spring 2008

After years of working with a group of people to get a project going, we succeeded. The self proclaimed president, a loud mouthed guy, boasted that most of the work was done before any of the committee members came on board, meaning he took credit for everything. Previous members had bailed out. I found out it was because they couldn't take his big mouth - they called him Mr Bla Bla - for his constant need to be the center of attention. I watched him as he acted foolish, stupid, and childish - always taking credit for the success of other's ideas. But since I knew how narcissists act and why, I was able to manipulate him to do the things I wanted him to do. That is the best revenge!

Summer 2008

Checked out the book 'The Uncertain Art' by Dr. Sherwin B. Nuland. He writes in one chapter that we live in an age of Narcissism. It becomes more and more evident to me and others who are awake. Most people have no idea what is going on. One day the world will find out.

October 2008

The day has come. Obama talks about 'maturity' in his speeches. Hope he can bring it to a world of immature narcissists!

November 2008

Bernard Madoff allegedly stole 50 billion dollars using a Ponzi scheme over 30 years. He walks around with a smile on his face, under house arrest at night, and I wonder if cares about other people or is he a self centered narcissist? He looks a lot like the guy in the movie Wall street, but older. Greed is good?

During my Yoga class, one student keeps making noise, sighing etc. Even during meditation. The person can't stop talking about themselves, their troubles, etc. Very childish behavior. A narcissist?

December 2008

I just read that under stress the body produces cortisol that causes other chemicals in the brain to stop the brain from producing memories (and stops our stomach from working - the gut feeling?). Yale professor Amy Arnsten, says that "We become these reflexive, instead of reflective, creatures."

From personal experience, I know that Narcissists like to stress other people out. Now I know why! One to better control others, secondly they do not feel stressed so they think better than other people in stressful situations (as long as they are the ones producing the stress and not an outside cause) and finally normal people can become addicted to the effects of cortisol, so they seek people who cause the stress - narcissists! And because our brains aren't able to make memories, we can't remember what the Ns were doing.

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