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Narcissistic Personality Symptoms

  1. grandiosity / exaggeration
  2. fantastic thinking / romantic
  3. believes special / unique
  4. requires admiration
  5. entitled / demanding
  6. exploitive / manipulative
  7. lacks empathy
  8. envious / jealous
  9. arrogant / haughty

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"It’s the combination of narcissism and nihilism that really defines postmodernism," Al Gore

Most universities are awash in post modern rhetoric. Because postmodernism embraces all systems and beliefs, it opens the door to all paths of thinking and interpretations. It has its own language and logic.

Richard Dawkins, in his book Unweaving the Rainbow, has few good words to say about postmodernism, an import from the continent as he calls it. But then he has little use for religions.

Postmodernism followed Modernism. Modernism was distinguished by the belief that science could cure everything and that mankind was basically good. The pre WWI utopia state, based on ignorance and reserved for the privileged, was punctured by the brutality of the war. Nietzch and Kafka captured this new nihilistic attitude. WWII's horrors and mass destruction caused by science and 'civilized' European culture, provoked an intellectual malaise. The Post war French philosophers came up with an explanations for the defeat of modernistic ideas in several movements.

Postmodernism believes that all belief systems are equal; science is just another way of explaining reality. For Narcissists, postmodernism is another way of distorting reality to fit their beliefs. Because there are no rules, they make the rules. Out of order they create chaos and obfuscation:

"One of the great fallacies of our time is that the Nazis rose to power because they imposed order on chaos. Precisely the opposite is true - they were successful because they imposed chaos on order. They tore up the commandments, they denied the super-ego, what you will. They said, "You may persecute the minority, you may kill, you may torture, you may couple and breed without love." They offered humanity all its great temptations. Nothing is true, everything is permitted."

John Fowles' The Magus Quote from

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